Yeah! :o Or at least most of the images and stuff for sure, I still have to write some explanations and stuff, and I still have some more pictures to put in it too, but I might take a couple things out to make it shorter anyway. xD Im pretty sure I have waaay more in it than there needs to be anyway, so if I take stuff out itll mean less writing and it shouldnt affect my grade or anything! ^.^

I spent most of my day working on the portfolio, though, so I didnt really do much else, whoops. 030 I was in town for a while earlier too, but that was basically just to pick up a couple things and go to church since Mum, Melissa and I all had to help out in some way with that.

Anyway, Id write more here tonight, but its getting kinda late, and Im tired, so I think Im gonna get off for tonight. ;u; 

Ill try to get more written here tomorrow, though! :D Ill be on again then for sure! ^-^ 

Night guys! X3