Yeah! X3 Im reeeeally looking forward to it aha. :D 

Grahm and Nick are gonna get me whatever notes and stuff I miss too, so thats all taken care of! ^.^ Im probably gonna take my DSi with me in the car and the waiting room at the orthodontist when Melissa has her appointment, so I can try and get the two loops I owe done and out of the way! I might save a character reference or two from the other person I owe art to too, so I can maybe do a loop or two for them. :o

Im probably not gonna do much tonight though, I just wanna do some sketches I think, so Im probably gonna save a few references to my ipad or something and just draw while Dads doing work, since Ill have to be off the internet when hes doing that. uvu

I reeeally wanna draw Jakk in the gala dress on Furvilla, since part of the Serpents Festival thats going on now (and ending tomorrow, whoops) involved picking a fancy outfit to get into the gala, and I picked the dress, and since Jakk was/is my active villager, the dress got equipped to him, and I havent been able to stop thinking about him in the dress. xD I commissioned someone else on Furvilla for a drawing of him in it though, and that was reeeally cute ahaha, my immediate reaction was honestly to go "OH MY GOD!!!!" in a high voice really quietly. ^^;

Anyway, I dont wanna take too long writing this, since Dads gonna have to work sometime tonight and I dont want to slow the internet down on him since hes gonna need it to do work, so I think Im gonna get off for tonight. 030

Ill be on again tomorrow for sure, though! :D
Good night guys! X3